Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Reviews & Buying Guide

Removing dirt from jewellery to improve its condition and appearance is called jewellery cleaning.

Methods and risks


Maintaining clean jewellery and diamond is not at all easy it’s difficult to clean because of the jewellery setting which obstructs cleaning dirt, oil, Grease etc which adds to the surface of the diamond.

jewellers provide their customers with ammonia cleaning kit, some of them use steam cleaners while some also use ultrasonic jewellery.

There are some home-based methods also to like cleaning the jewellery with warm detergent water or baking soda.

Ultrasonic Jewelry CleanerOne must be careful while cleaning the jewellery it might get damaged also. Certain types of cleaning can damage some jewellery.

For example some gemstones, such as white topaz which has the tendency to produce a different colour when the upper layer gets removed. can get lightened it’s not cleaned properly and it gets difficult to remove the top dirt coat. For this problem, we recommend Ultrasonic cleaning which can remove this coating.

Ultrasonic cleaning is also suggested for gemstones like opals, pearls and amber, and any other gemstone that is porous. Gemstones which are glued should not be placed into an ultrasonic cleaner.

An ultrasonic cleaner can lead the stones which loosen them up and changes the stone settings due to which they come out. Jewellery should always be examined for overlays and loose stones prior to cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner or a steam cleaner.

How can you protect your jewellery from getting dirty?

There are so many ways people can do to protect their jewellery from getting tarnished or stuck to dirt which is:-

1) Jewellery should be stored carefully in its original packaging or jewellery box.

2) It should be cleaned regularly using warm water, mild soap and soft bristle toothbrush

3) You can also use a non-abrasive soft cloth to polish jewellery and remove tarnishing.

4) Don’t expose your jewellery to harsh chemicals or perfumes as this could cause damage because of which the colour also fades.

5) Don’t wear jewellery when cleaning the house because dirt might stick to it.

6) Avoid wearing jewellery while sweating.

7) When you are applying makeup or beauty products like cosmetics. Body spray or lotion because they can tarnish or discolour the jewellery.

8) Bangles, earrings and chains should be worn with care in order to avoid surface damage and should be removed before going to bed.

9) Stone settings tend to become loose over time, because they hit against a hard surface, get rubbed against the cloth. Make sure keep getting it checked so that the stone doesn’t drop.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner uses sound waves that are beyond a human’s ability to hear to create tiny vacuum bubbles in water or a cleanser. The bubbles shrink down, creating a great amount of heat and pressure, and ‘blast’ nearby objects.

Millions of the little bubbles reach into even intricate areas to increase the effect of the items in the solution which helps in good cleansing of the jewellery and its components.

Ultrasonic cleaners are designed in different ways. But they all come with a holder to hold jewellery — the jewellery and the machine would be damaged if items were allowed to bounce around against the cleaner’s working parts.

Complete instructions in detail are mentioned in the brochure of an ultrasonic cleanser so that it becomes easy to use, and some include a demo DVD to make cleaning easier and perfect. Manufacturers recommend you use a cleaning solution in the tank.

Ultrasonic cleaners are used for jewellery cleaning. Removing tarnish and prevent them from discolouring. They use ultrasound waves of high frequency add chemicals to it and combine to create. Bubbles that “cling” to the dirt particles like oil, Grease and other unknown particles.

The high-frequency waves are sent to pull out the contaminants from the jewellery. The bubbles then collapse after they attach to the contaminants and move to the surface of the chemical solution. Creating what appears to be a boiling solution.

Jewellers use different cleaning products in an ultrasonic cleaner. From regular jewellery cleaner to diluted pine sol (for diamonds ONLY) please remember to rinse your jewellery to remove excess cleaning product, it will eliminate any soap build-up left on your jewellery.

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