corded handheld vacuum

The Most Powerful Handheld Vacuum

The Most Powerful Handheld Vacuum

corded handheld vacuumHandheld vacuums are ultra-convenient equipment which is used for deep cleaning of messes on surfaces such as floor, upholstery, furniture, car interior, pet-related messes, and stairs. The more the powerful vacuum cleaner will be, the more visible cleaning it will carry out. Dyson V7 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has proven to be the most powerful one in the segment.

The Dyson V7 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is designed for providing in-depth cleaning. It’s powerful direct-drive cleaning technology which ensures the removal of ground-in and nano dust particles from the surface. You can also read corded handheld vacuum reviews.

Components of Dyson V7
1. Quick-release Direct Drive Cleaner Head
2. Quick-release Mini Motorised Tool
3. Quick-release Combination Tool
4. Quick-release Crevice Tool
5. Quick-release Mini Soft Dusting Brush
6. Docking Station
7. Charger

Features of Dyson V7

1. Powerful Motor: It’s motor spins at up to 110,000 rpm. This vacuum cleaner generates powerful suction capacity by producing up to 100 air. Its powerful suction helps to clean from the smallest of particles to the biggest of the messes with utmost ease and convenience.

2. Filtration: It comes with an advanced filtration capacity system. It captures allergens to purify the air and provides cleaner air than the air we breathe. It can capture the nanoparticles of dust also, which are quite difficult for ordinary cleaners to do the same.

3. Tier Radial System: The combination of fifteen cyclones helps to create a strong centrifugal force that helps in capturing the microscopic dirt particles and ensures the proper cleaning of the surface and the surrounding mess.

4. Dual Power Modes: It has two power modes. MAX mode for the extra power for the runtime of an additional six minutes and the second one for the extra power which helps in cleaning for prolonged periods.

5. Easy Convertible: It quickly and conveniently transforms itself into a handheld. It can be converted into a cordless handheld vacuum and back again with just one click.

6. Fade-free Suction: It provides continuous fade-free suction up to thirty minutes for cleaning of the home. This feature is ideal for complete cleaning of the home.

Cordless Vacuums with the Best Suction

Cordless Vacuums have made the cleaning of surfaces such as floors, carpets, stairs, furniture, upholstery, and pet hairs much convenient. These cleaners can capture even the smallest particles of dirt and provide visible cleaning. However, there are many types of vacuum cleaners available in the market but one should always select the best one, i.e. the vacuum cleaner with the powerful and best suction capacity for reaping great results. The better the suction capacity will be, the better cleaning it will perform. High power suction makes it pretty easy for the vacuum cleaner to capture the smallest of dirt particles from surfaces and helps in cleaning the messes. Suction capacity is an important determinant to be considered while selecting a good vacuum cleaner for in-depth cleaning for your home.

Some of the best cordless vacuums with the best suction are as follows:

1. Dyson Cyclone V 10: It provides powerful suction for deep cleaning of your home. It consists of two cleaner’s heads and seven components. It can capture 99.97% of microscopic dust particles to the smallest 0.3 microns. It has got sixty minutes of runtime along with 130 AW of powerful suction will fade-free technology to provide hassle-free cleaning.

2. Dyson V 11: This model has the most powerful and intelligent vacuum and suction technology and consists of two cleaners and nine components. It has got sixty minutes of runtime and up to 185 AW of fade-free, powerful suction for providing in-depth, visible crystal-clear cleaning of dirt from surfaces. It can capture 99.97% of microscopic dust particles to the smallest 0.3 microns.

3. Dyson V 8: This model has a powerful suction capacity to provide deep cleaning dirt particles from surfaces with any hassles. It has got forty minutes of runtime and up to 115 AW powerful and fade-free suction. It can capture 99.97% of micro dirt particles to small 0.3 microparticles. It comes with two cleaners and nine components.

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