Miter Saws

Why Use Miter Saws?

A miter saw is cutting too that allows precise and accurate cuts of any angles with great quality and relatively much fewer efforts. A motorized miter saw is the most popular piece of tool available today for high-quality woodwork.

In a motorized miter saw a spinning circular saw blade makes the cut which can be pulled down in a controlled motion. The piece which is to be cut is placed against a fence and can be rotated at any angle. This arrangement makes it possible to make easy cuts at any angle with great precision.

What Is A Compound Miter Saw?

A compound miter saw has an arrangement of rotating the angle of the blade relative to the horizontal plane. Because of this type of miter saw is mostly used to make bevel cuts very easily.

Many compound miter saws have a laser guide to exactly locate the cutting point before the cut is made by the saw. 

A cool safety feature allows safe use of a compound miter saw

Many compound miter saws have a cool safety feature. The blade guard always covers the rotating saw blade so that it doesn’t cut hands. The blade guard automatically gets retracted when you pull down the saw blade for cutting and when the blade retains its the original position the guard will cover the blade automatically.

How much do compound miter saws cost?

Many manufacturers that manufacture miter saws have been selling online successfully. After some study, I found that the cheapest compound miter saw is the “Wilton 8-1/4″ Compound Miter Saw 99100”.

However, the most popular miter saws have a price range between $150 to $600. Now that’s a big range to choose from. 

Which Are The Popular Compound Miter Saws?

It’s really difficult to choose the best miter saw amongst the many cool models available today. However, I have included a listing of some of the most popular compound miter saws from the marketplace on the right side. 

These are the miter saws purchased by real people from amazon and used them. Make sure you read the customer reviews written by these people so that you can easily compare what you are looking for in the kind of cutting tool you are looking for.

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