Makita Combo Kits

Let us help you find a great deal on the perfect Makita combo kit for your needs. Our goal is to help consumers find the best suppliers for all of the popular Makita combo kits and cordless power tools!

Makita combo kits are a great money saver for those who need more than just one or two types of power tools.

Fortunately, they make many, MANY different combinations when it comes to the extremely popular Makita combo kits. Perhaps this is why the combo kits have become Makita’s best selling product.

So what can you expect to get with most of the Makita combo kits currently on the market? Generally, you will get their most popular cordless power tools, which are:

The Makita cordless drill, reciprocating (Sawzall) saw, circular saw, impact driver, cut-off saw (grinder), and a flashlight (which uses the same exact batteries that the rest of the Makita power tools use).

On top of that, most of the combo kits also come with two lithium-ion Makita batteries, so that you will always be able to use one of the batteries as the other one is charging.

Again, there are a LOT of different Makita combo kits on the market, but here are a couple of the most popular ones out there:

LXT601 Makita Combo Kits:

The Makita LXT-601 tool kit comes with 6 of the best Makita cordless power tools in the industry. You get a ½” hammer drill, which will cover all of your drilling (and tinkering) needs, even when it comes to solid concrete and brick.

The included 6 & ½” circular saw will make it a snap to cut through wood and various types of metal. For Sawzall (aka reciprocating saw) fans, you also get one of those too. For those of you who do a lot of auto repair, you also get a Makita impact wrench in this combo kit.

For all of your grinding needs, the included Makita cordless grinder has you covered. And last but not least, what combo kit would be complete without a quality flashlight, which you also get with this Makita combo kit.

The Makita LXT601 is a great addition to anyone’s tool collection. Also included are two Makita 18v LXT batteries, a Makita charger, and a high-quality contractor-grade bag.

LXT902 9 Piece Makita Combo Kit:

For those of you that tend to bring pretty much everything but the kitchen sink to a job site, this is definitely the Makita combo kit for you.

The Makita LXT902 combo kit comes with nine of Makita’s finest cordless power tools, which is sure to cover virtually any task that a handyman or construction worker will ever face throughout his entire career.

So what do you get with this combo kit?

You get a Makita cordless hammer drill with ½” drive, a circular saw, reciprocating saw, impact driver, 4 and ½” cut off saw/grinder, impact wrench, rotary hammer, flashlight, and even a Makita Jobsite radio, which adds some much-needed entertainment for you, and even your loyal workers (assuming that you have your own work crew).

And just like with any other good Makita combo kit, you also get two lithium-ion Makita batteries, a Makita charger, and a carry bag for all of the tools.

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