Touchless Trash Can

iTouchless 13 Gal Stainless Touchless Trash Can

You’ve finished your meal and cleaned off the table and now you’re ready to throw out the table scraps and other garbage. You go to your kitchen trash can, you know the one with the foot pedal, or flappy lid, and have to struggle to get the lid open so that you can neatly dump the trash inside. By the time you’re done, your hands are all messy. Throwing away garbage should be quick and simple – not a pain in the butt.

Good thing there’s a wonderful alternative to those old, crappy cans – the iTouchless

The iTouchless trash can is one of the top brands of infrared garbage can that you can buy. Its popularity is based on owner experience and quality of the product. When you purchase a hands free trash can, you will never go back to those flimsy old plastic ones. Even if you have a regular stainless steel trash can, if it doesn’t have infrared technology, it’s not going to be completely hassle free.

The iTouchless

Made of sturdy stainless steel and is a nice silver and black color, which adds a sleek, modern touch to your kitchen. The lid has a sensor inside and opens instantly when someone waves their hand over the top. These cans have been tested in a lab and proven to open 100,000 times continuously with no problem.

Imagine having your arms full of garbage and all you have to do is wave your hand over the top of this futuristic can – and it magically opens up for you! You won’t have to worry about dropping any garbage on the floor, or even better, small children missing the mark and spilling trash all over the place.

The 13 gallon iTouchless trash can is the perfect size for most kitchens and you can use regular store bought trash bags. It has a hidden trash bag holder ring inside, so you don’t have to deal with unsightly bags hanging over the edge. Some people report that this ring can be a little stubborn when replacing bags, but most don’t have any issue with it.

It runs on 6 D batteries, which you have to buy separately. And, there’s an on/off switch in the back that’s not really noticeable unless you know where to look. This is good because small kiddies have a tendency to play with these types of things.

Your iTouchless automatic trash can should work well for years without a problem, but in case there’s some mechanical failure with the top after a while, it can be replaced.

Overall, the iTouchless 13 gallon trash can is a great solution for disposing of everyday kitchen waste.

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