How to Get Likes on Facebook Page Without Paying

How to get likes on facebook page without paying

Do you have your Facebook page just created and quickly get going the first Facebook fans?

While everyone else already has hundreds or even thousands of fans, you feel like the latecomer who missed the best part of the party and only gets the remnants of the buffet.

That’s not fun.

That’s why you start doing everything to win new fans and make a big mistake.

How to Get Likes on Facebook Page Without Paying
How to Get Likes on Facebook Page Without Paying

You beg.

The begging of likes or likes clicks is not only annoying. It also does not bring you the fans you need.

If you send friend requests to Facebook and send a message immediately after acceptance that sounds something like this: Thank you for confirming my acceptanceI would be happy about a Like my Facebook page …

… are not you just not making friends. You harm yourself twice with it:

  • You signal that you do not care about the other person because it was all about finding a new fan for your site on the cheap way. So You only had you in mind. Worse yet, you have disguised the whole thing as a friendly act.
  • You do not know if the person is even interested in you and your subjects. A new fan is more important to you than a real new fan. That’s shortsighted. Because this is how you collect sleepers – fans who will not react to your content later. The fewer people respond to your content, the lower the range of your posts. Because Facebook is right to assume that your posts do not interest anyone.

Way to Get likes on facebook page without paying

Invite friends manually

No doubt to increase the reach of fans page, many people need to see the post. Therefore, we indirectly have to multiple Facebook friends to like the fan page that we have so that they become followers of the Facebook page that we manage. The best step so that we have many friends on Facebook is often – often add friends or use girl profiles and then invite our friends to love the fans page that we have.

 Join groups that fit our fans page niche

Join groups on Facebook that have many members and match the content of our Facebook page is one way to add to the likes of our fans page.

For example, if your Facebook page has the theme of buying and selling online, then try joining a buying and selling group around our city or in a market place group such as the Shop. Be active in the groups that we follow and in each post insert the word that tells like fans page that we have.

Give interesting content in each post

So that people are interested in reading our posts, you should try to write unique and interesting sentences in each of us to update our posts. With the existence of a unique post, a relationship will be established indirectly between the admin and the fans page liker.

This is because fans page followers will prefer unique and interesting content, so with the liqueurs commenting on fans page will make our posts appear on the homepage of the facebook account following our page. That way there will be a potential for fans page followers who will read and like to follow our Facebook page.

Act As If

You think because you do not have fans yet, do not you have to share great content on your Facebook page? Not correct! On the contrary: share from the beginning your best tips, your funniest sayings or beautiful pictures.

So, the people who visit your site see what you are all about and that it’s worth following or likes you. Your regular communication signals that you are reliable and take customer contact seriously. Act right from the start as if you already had 1000 fans.

Tip: All the beautiful content that only very few people see in the beginning is not created in vain. You can share the content again on Facebook every few weeks.

Now, if you’re wondering what content you should share on Facebook, here’s my answer: Focus on content that, for example, encourages reflection or mutual exchange – providing them with a platform for discussion, sharing, and inspiration.

Even short (live) videos where you can interact directly with your Facebook fans are a great way to keep them loyal to you in the long run. So they get to know the person behind the Facebook page and can identify with you and develop sympathy for you. Not only do you quickly reach many people, but you also create a personal bond between your fans. Easier said than done, I know.

Which content would like to be shared

  1. Content that has a high practical value because it solves a problem or answers a question: by sharing, people want to help their Facebook friends or fans. So ask yourself which questions and problems your customers are tormenting. Then pack the solution into blog articles and link them on Facebook or create small Facebook tips as graphics.
  2. Content that allows identification with a thing/idea: people share content that shows their affiliation or values. We want to show who we are on the internet, what we think and want to talk to others. This applies to content creators as well as users. The digital exchange with each other is more important today than ever. Therefore, try to engage your fans with questions and give them the opportunity to express their opinions and to talk about interests. Do not forget to comment on your fans’ comments and show them that you are interested in their opinions. You can use this in the future for you to make the content even more interesting for your fans.
  3. Content that keeps you entertained and makes us laugh: Even as a business owner, we should not forget that most people visit Facebook for a brief break or a chat. Make sure the post is still related to your business.

Be Nice To Others

Your Facebook page does not exist in a vacuum. Just as you might hope that other people or other sites share your content, so you should also share the content of others if they are of interest to your audience.

How to kill 2 birds with one stone:

  • Other Facebook pages will catch your eye and who knows, in the future, they may also share your content, if relevant.
  • Sharing relevant content from other people will help you stay on the ball and post regularly, even if you do not have your own contribution.

Send everyone to your Facebook page

Instead of sending all the people who are interested in you, just to your website, send people to your Facebook page.

  • Invite your email contacts and newsletter readers to become a fan of your site.
  • Use other social networks, such as your Xing profile, to promote your Facebook page. Tell people what awaits them here instead of just saying “Become a fan of my new Facebook page”.

Contributing to various social media

Contributing to various social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Path, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus is the next way to add followers to the page that we have. By participating in communicating on social media, it will be able to increase the number of our fans page likers and be targeted according to the content we are working on.

But don’t forget to keep tucking in our Facebook page link on each post on social media.

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