How Many Almonds to Eat Per Day for Weight Loss

Know How many almonds to eat per day for weight loss.

Anyone who nibbles a handful of almonds daily can lose weight more easily. What else makes almonds healthy? Ingredients, tips and great recipes!

Almonds, calories & weight loss – that’s not a contradiction! Studies have shown that almonds help to lose weight, although the kernels contain a lot of oil and their fat content is 60 percent.

How is that possible? Quite simply, because those who want to lose weight often crave cravings. Almonds help by satisfying your hunger and filling you up for a long time. And those who feel full eat less automatically – that’s great for our health.

Almonds reduce appetite

That this really works, shows an investigation by researchers from the University of Purdue (USA). Thus, after the study, the body weight of participants who consumed almonds was the same as that of controls that did not consume almonds.

Amazing when you consider that the participants consumed nearly 7000 calories in four weeks thanks to the healthy snack.

Almonds and their healthy ingredients

The combo does it: almonds contain plenty

  • roughage
  • protein
  • minerals
  • Vitamins B, E and beta carotene
  • folic acid
  • unsaturated fatty acids

Almonds contain many unsaturated fatty acids that can regulate elevated blood lipid levels and protect the heart and blood vessels.

According to studies, 60 grams of pure almonds are sufficient daily to protect us from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and elevated cholesterol. Almonds can reduce the amount of insulin released by the body and lower blood sugar levels, which has a positive effect on heart health.

According to an American study, 28 grams (around 23 pieces) only provide the body with 129 calories – and not 160 calories as previously assumed.

When 84 grams of almonds were incorporated into daily food intake, energy digestibility as a whole decreased by 5 percent; ie, almond eaters automatically consume fewer calories in the diet. “Therefore, eating 84 grams of almonds a day instead of easily digestible foods for people with a daily energy intake between 2,000 and 3,000 calories would result in reduced energy intake of 100-150 calories per day.

Almonds: So you snack smarter

Eat slowly, chew thoroughly … Sure, we heard that a thousand times as a child. Almonds really are, because they are difficult to digest.

Without extensive chewing, you can not get to the healthy ingredients of the almonds, and they are long in the stomach. Take almond kernels and peel, because there is around ten percent fiber in the brown skin.

Spit out bitter almonds better. For adults, although small amounts are considered safe, for children more than five bitter almonds are life-threatening. Pure, as a top-healthy almond paste or chopped almonds, can be easily incorporated into the daily diet – see above our recipe picture gallery.

Steer clear of roasted almonds, because they are the purest sugar bomb with about 50 grams of sugar in a 100-gram bag.

Almonds – a must of vegetarian cuisine

Vegetarians use almonds not only for their good taste but also for their high protein content. When almonds are eaten together with fruits containing vitamin C, our body can best utilize the mineral iron.

Tasty: Try porridge with fresh fruits and chopped almonds. Many vegetarians use instead of the whole kernels also almond flour, which is not only suitable as a sweet bread spread but in dressings and sauces also spic and pasta dishes salads.

Also, almond milk is enjoying increasing popularity.

Beauty food: That’s how nice almonds are

Not without reason is almond oil contained in many cosmetic products – it is mild and moisturizing! Since it is very similar to our skin fat, the oil absorbs quickly and makes our skin wonderfully soft, smooth and supple! The contained palmitic acid protects the skin, while linoleic acid moisturizes and softens it.

Quite simply you can make your own beauty products made of almonds: How about, for example, with a scrub for tender skin? Simply mix almond oil with a little sea salt and apply to the skin, then rinse with warm water.

For an almond milk bath, mix two tablespoons of ground almonds, a tablespoon of almond oil and a glass of almond milk and pour into the bathwater!

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