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Any parent or pet owner knows that cleaning up the nooks and crannies in their homes is one of the hardest tasks that one has to perform every day in order to keep the household clean and habitable.

It would be untruthful to say that the Eureka Quick Up Cordless vacuum has not changed my life as a single mother to two extremely active boys and playful pet dog. Every time I would hear one of my sons utter the words “messy messy” my heart would drop to the pit of my stomach as it meant that I would have to spend countless minutes, sometimes hours, cleaning up the mess that she had made.

However, when I discovered this handy cordless vacuum cleaner my attitude towards cleaning up after any of my daughters or pet dogs changed almost entirely.

Features of the Eureka Quick Up Cordless Vacuum

The first important feature of this Eureka Quick Up Cordless w/Bonus Battery Pack, 96JZ vacuum is that it can be turned into a hand-held unit. One of the vacuum’s most advantageous features is that the vacuum can be easily turned into a handheld unit by detaching its removable handle from the rest of the vacuum unit. This particular product feature enables you to clean surfaces that are above the floor.

The second important feature is that it is compact and lightweight. This unit’s characteristic lightweight and compact size ensures that the vacuum is extremely portable and storage space friendly.

The third important feature characteristic to this vacuum is that it uses a rechargeable battery. The cordless vacuum also utilizes a 6 volt rechargeable battery to power its system. The Eureka Quick Up Cordless w/Bonus Battery Pack, 96JZ Vacuum additionally features an extra battery pack and charging stand that can be mounted on a wall to ease storage if the vacuum is not in use.

The last and most important feature of the unit is that it performs multi-surface cleaning. The unit’s system also offers users an additional advantage by performing multi-surface cleaning when the unit’s switch controlled brush-roll is activated. The brush roll works quite efficiently to get rid of pet hair and food particles when cleaning area rugs and pile carpet floors.

Who would buy this product?

The cordless, Eureka produced ‘Quick Up’ vacuum that comes with a bonus Battery Pack is a perfect appliance for practically any homeowner, but individuals who have children or own pets can greatly benefit from using the unit as children and pets are inherently messy and require that one spends a lot of time cleaning up after them.

The Eureka Quick Up cordless vacuum can ease this process as is makes it easier to perform spot vacuuming in a particular area, therefore, saving one the extra time they would have otherwise spent cleaning up many spot messes later on.

Pros of using the Eureka quick up cordless vacuum

The greatest benefit I got from using this particular vacuuming unit was having peace of mind from knowing that even as I went on with my vacuuming, my daughters would not suffer the risk of tripping on the vacuum cleaner’s cord and hurt themselves. The safety of my daughters and pet is always my number one priority and the cordless feature of the vacuuming unit ensures that no harm will come to my daughters.

Secondly, the model comes with a bonus battery pack which ensures that one will continue with their vacuuming should the first battery lose charge in the middle of cleaning.

Thirdly, the battery is easily rechargeable which makes the vacuuming unit the perfect solution for both spot and large surface area cleaning.

Lastly, the unit’s switch operated revolving brush roll cleaning system works to efficiently clean up messes on all types of surfaces to remove pet hair, trapped fine dust particles as well as food particles.

Cons of using the Eureka Quick Up cordless vacuum

It is worth noting that the vacuums charging base may be considered disadvantageous by some homeowners as it requires that one mounts it on a wall using screws that will leave undesired holes in the wall should the charging base be relocated. However, this is a minor problem that can be easily fixed by using a sturdy and tall wooden box as a mounting alternative to the wall.

Value for Money

All features considered, the Eureka cordless ‘Quick Up’ vacuum that is manufactured by Eureka, makes a great purchase that is definitely worth more than its relatively cheap price. Not only does the unit provide one with a portable and efficient vacuuming unit that can be used for both large surface and spot cleaning, but its cordless, easy to use dirt disposal system and extra battery pack also enable one to adequately perform their cleaning chores faster and with less hustle.

Where to read more consumer reviews and buy the EurekaQuick Up Cordless vacuum

One can access comprehensive product details, read more consumer reviews as well as purchase the cordless, Eureka manufactured ‘Quick Up’ vacuum with Bonus Battery Pack on the product listing available on

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