ECHO 18 Inch CS-450 Gas Chainsaw Review

Designed for professionals, in demand among farmers and built in America, the Echo chainsaws can help you carve your way through in many ways. Founded in 1972 at Northbrook and was called Kioritz Corporation of America at that time. Originally, Echo was an importer of high-quality 2-cycle, 2-stroke engines and handheld power tools for Kioritz Japan. For 30 years Echo, has established and become the benchmark for high performance industrial and professional-grade power tools and handheld powered tools.

Know your Equipment

Echo chainsaws are well known for its performance and value for the money, and the CS-450 Echo chainsaws is no exception. The 18 inch CS-450 Gas Echo chainsaw is a mid-range unit with improved engine performance. The saw blade is 18 inches in length, which is more than adequate to cut through any timber that came against it. An optional 20 inch and 16 inch are available for more flexibility.

The CS-450 Echo chainsaws “Power Boost Vortex” engine is updated to 45cc; this gives you more power and control. Starting the engine is simple and easy with its digital ignition system, which automatically adjusts the engines’ timing for better and smooth performance. The clutch driven automatic oiler also makes it more efficient to lubricate the chainsaw.

The tensioner adjuster is well-located at the side — for an easy and totally hassle-free reach. The CS-450 engine is a carburetor and featured with a purge pump and a Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm design for better efficiency.

CS-450 Echo chainsaws filter is placed at the top rear near the grouped control. The Echo chainsaws filter does a fine job in filtering all the debris and automotive filter style. The air filter can be accessed easily, thanks to it tool features which are very well thought off. The CS-450 Echo chainsaws can hold about 15.2 fl. oz of fuel; it will take a long time before you run outgas. Oil capacity is about 9.5 fl. Oz and the CS-450 Echo chainsaw’s dry weight is only around 11.2 pounds.

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CS-450 Echo chainsaws have a good price to match other brands. The powerful Echo chainsaw’s engine can cut through 36 inch thick diameter tree with ease. Lightweight and durable with very minimal vibration and smooth working operation. The CS-450 is well building and comes with multiply warranty such as 5 year consumer warranty, 1 year for commercial and a 90 days warranty rental.


CS-450 Echo chainsaws need a lot of attention for its maintenance. The engine for some unit has a problem of seizing up this could be caused by bad maintenance. Also, there was someone who bought an Echo chainsaw and he stated that the company did not uphold their warranty after his unit has broken down.

Last words

The CS-450 Echo chainsaws is a good bargain. It has a powerful motor and an optional saw blade length to choose from. Needs a bit attention for maintenance but it will reward you in the long run. The CS-450 Echo chainsaws is recommended for extended hours of use.

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