dental hygiene for preschoolers activities

Dental Hygiene for Preschoolers Activities

In order to have healthy teeth for the rest of your life, it’s important to start taking care of your teeth at an early age. Helping your children develop dental hygiene from the very beginning will create good dental habits and prevent future problems.

Children usually get their first teeth at around three to sixteen months. The two bottom teeth will be the first to come in, followed by the four upper teeth. Your child will continue to develop these primary teeth until he or she is approximately three years old.

New parents often wonder about the best time to start cleaning a child’s teeth. As the teeth begin developing, some experts recommend wiping them with a moist washcloth so the child doesn’t develop something called bottlemouth.

As the child begins to develop more primary teeth, he or she can start using a very soft toothbrush with a small amount of kid’s toothpaste.

Most experts recommend that a child’s first trip to the dentist should be at the age of three. However, if your family has a history of tooth decay or calculus build-up, you may want to take the child earlier.

You can also ask your pediatrician for advice on when to make the first dentist visit. At the age of six or seven, your child will begin to lose primary teeth and develop permanent teeth.

At this point regular flossing and brushing should become a daily habit for your child. After the age of six, you may want to discuss the option of sealants with your dentist.

A sealant is a plastic barrier applied to the grooves of the back teeth to prevent against build-up. Developing these good habits will prevent painful future tooth decay.

Keep to your Dental Hygiene Routine with a Disposable Toothbrush

Keep to your Dental Hygiene Routine with a Disposable Toothbrush
Keep to your Dental Hygiene Routine with a Disposable Toothbrush

A disposable toothbrush is really handy for those short trips, outdoor excursions, romantic dates and long days and with recent bans on toothpaste in the flight cabin, a disposable toothbrush is just what you need for your long haul flight.

Dental hygiene is important for long term dental care and you should clean your teeth no less than twice a day.

With a disposable toothbrush life is so much easier, there is no need to carry toothpaste and a disposable toothbrush is so small and discreet that it can be slipped into a handbag or pocket.

If you don’t like the idea of a pre-pasted disposable toothbrush then you can get disposable toothbrush’s which contains gel toothpaste in the handle. To apply the tooth gel all’s you need to do is push down on the handle.

Disposable tooth brushes are really handy for those times when you want to keep to your dental care routine or just want to freshen up such as:

Going to the dentist

Out on a date

Flying long haul

Long days


Nights away

After smoking

After eating sugary foods

The list is endless and with the cost of a disposable toothbrush being as little as 65c to just over the $1 it’s not much of a price to pay for maintaining dental care or enjoying fresh breath.

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