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Chainsaws are very powerful machines and they are equally useful whether you want to cut down a tree or simply trim a few branches from around your backyard. Never forget that they are extremely powerful machines that must be used with common sense and care, treat your saw with a healthy respect and you too should stay healthy.

There are even chainsaw carvings that can be attempted with your chainsaw, especially if you buy a smaller one that is lighter and more convenient to use. Books on this fascinating pastime can be purchased fairly inexpensively which will help you do bigger and better things.

However, scaling down your wood is the primary purpose of a chainsaw, and this site is aimed at this task.

These tools will give you the convenience and power that you need when you need to cut more wood faster and easier and for a fraction of the cost that you will incur if you were to pay someone for these services. There are a lot of brands and types that you can choose from, and your choice of an electric chainsaw such as the Makita, The Poulan Pro, The Black and Decker Cordless, or a gas powered saw like one of the Husqvarna Chainsaw models.. Sizes vary as well and depending on your “cutting needs” you can choose one that can give you the best value for your money and the convenience that you need when you execute the work.

If you plan to buy a chainsaw and you’re a bit confused on which brand to buy, what size and what type of power is needed, then you have made a good start by coming to this website. We rate the saws we recommend by real customer user reviews, the only honest way. Customers are encouraged to write their own reviews of the products they buy and these give you the necessary impartial insights from chainsaw users themselves. Some of these are even from professionals.

So go ahead and check out the saws and reviews printed here in the full knowledge that there is no hype involved.

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Whether you intend to spend your weekend pruning trees or harvesting fire wood, you will need a reliable tool for the job. Enter the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw. This exquisitely crafted machine is a product of the Husqvarna Company.

A Swedish company, Husqvarna started out as a weapons foundry in 1689. When there was no longer a need for weapons the company began manufacturing other things such as: sewing machines, motorcycles, bicycles and kitchen equipment. Then in 1959 they decided to manufacture chainsaws. By this time there were already other chainsaws on the market, but they needed two people to operate them because of their large size.

Husqvarna improved the chainsaw design by making them lighter and easier to handle, which led to fewer safety concerns. This innovative and safety conscious company created the first chainsaw with an anti-vibration device as well as the first chainsaw with an automatic chain break.

Because of these great innovations loggers saw fewer injuries due to kickbacks. The company has introduced many chainsaw models. Some designed for professionals and others for homeowners. In 1980 they began using composite materials to manufacture their chainsaws instead of metal. The result was a lighter, easier to handle saw that still had all of the capabilities of its predecessors. The creation of the Husqvarna 450 shows their continued commitment to safety.

Many people have become fans of the Husqvarna 450 because of its wonderful features such as: affordability, lightweight size, efficiency, design, ease of use and power. Most retailers carry the Husqvarna 450 for under $400. This makes it affordable for homeowners as well as professionals.

Because it weighs only eleven pounds, it is easy for women as well as men to use. It is equipped with a 3.2 HP X-Torq engine which allow you to use less gas because exhaust emissions are reduced. Even with all these great features the Husqvarna 450 is still easy to start and operate.

Customers have applauded the amount of power the Husqvarna 450 emits. They also love the fact that the chainsaw does not overheat after long use and starts quickly, even in below freezing temperatures. Many have hailed it as the best saw currently on the market, because of these features as well as its detailed user’s manual and the fact that it’s easy to clean. There are excellent customer reviews for the saw and one reviewer stated, “the chainsaw cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter.”

Although a few customers have complained of mangled and/or dull chains, they have chalked this up to their inexperience and bad maintenance habits. All in all this product proves to be pretty efficient.

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Because their products are known for not only affordability but efficiency as well, Husqvarna is known in the global market as a trustworthy and reliable company. They are a worldwide leader when it comes to product safety and CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliance.

They not only keep those using their products safe, but are helping the environment because of the low exhaust emissions of their machines. The Husqvarna 450chainsaw is perfect for novices because of its light size and ease of use. The fact that it is under $400 is a plus as well. It is compact, yet has the capacity to keep up with heavier, more expensive chainsaws. Although this chainsaw is easy to use, it is recommended that you read the owner’s manual before using.

Even with all the safety features this model has, one can never be too careful. So whether you are chopping wood for the fireplace or removing a felled tree, the Husqvarna 450 is the chainsaw for you.

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