Vacuum Cleaner for Carpeted

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpeted Stairs 

Cleaning the stairs is a pretty tough task to perform, especially when they covered in carpets. To resolve this purpose, there are many vacuum cleaners available in the market which are specifically designed for the proper and visible cleaning of carpeted stairs. Maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of carpeted stairs is, no doubt a tough task, but with the help of a good vacuum cleaner, one can easily maintain the stairs which are covered with thick carpets. The vacuum cleaner, ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs must have a strong motor, smooth-rolling wheel, and advanced filtration technology along with powerful and strong suction to provide a deep clean effect on the carpeted stairs. You can also read the best handheld vacuum for pet hair reviews.

The best available vacuum cleaner ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs is SharkNinja Navigator Life-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum.


The SharkNinja Navigator Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum is pretty much lightweight, that too being an upright vacuum. It possesses a removable container which also acts like a handheld cleaner. You just need to press the button and it will pop up.

It has got a special versatile attachment head which is designed especially for the cleaning of carpeted stairs. This cleaner has a swivel steering and a HEPA filter which captures 99.9% of allergens.

It is lightweight enough to carry up and down the stairs. It comes along with the following components:

1. Foam and Felt Filter Kit
2. 5.5″ Crevice Tool
3. Dusting Brush
4. HEPA Filter
5. Home and Car Detail Kit
6. Premium Pet Power Brush

No need to spend money on purchasing different cleaners for various purposes as this Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner is designed to perform and clean all surfaces, even the harder ones too. It operates upon the latest embedded technology and it also has a sealed system that captures the allergens and prevents them from releasing back to the surface. This product comes with a limited warranty of five years. This cleaner is designed to perform a deep cleaning on hard surfaces such as carpeted stairs with utmost ease and convenience and also helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the home.

How to Clean Carpeted Stairs?

Cleaning and maintenance of the carpeted stairs is a tough task, but with the help of a few types of equipment and by following the right procedure of cleaning, one can easily excel in this task. The steps involved in the cleaning of carpeted stairs are as follows:
1. Use a stiff brush: For removal of dirt and debris, always use a stiff brush as it deep cleans the dirt particles from the carpet. Always use a brush that has stiff bristles for better results. In case if you don’t have a stiff brush, then as an alternative you can use any special attachment of vacuum cleaner to remove the ground-in dirt from the carpet.
2. Vacuum Cleaner: Vacuum cleaner is mainly used for deep cleaning of surfaces. Once the dirt gets loosened, it’s time to use the vacuum cleaner. Start from the top of the stairs and work your way downwards. This ensures visible maximum cleaning and also prevents trampling of dirt which has already been cleaned on the carpet.
3. Shampoo: The next step is to apply a carpet shampoo on the stairs as it acts as a cleaning agent to provide deep cleaning of dirt particles. The best way to apply the carpet shampoo on the stairs is to take a small quantity of shampoo on your hand and apply it on each stair with the help of a scrubbing brush.
4. Drying the Stairs: After shampooing, the next step is to dry the stairs. The stairs will contain a lot of excess water on them due to shampooing unless and until you have used a carpet cleaning which sucks up the water during cleaning. You cannot leave this excess water in your stairs as this will lead to the growth of bacteria in your carpet. The best way to dry the stairs is to use a wet/dry vacuum or a carpet cleaner. You can even use absorbent towels or cloths to soak up the excess water from the carpet.
5. The Final Vacuum: After removing the excess water from the carpet, leave them to dry naturally overnight. When the stairs are completely dry will all the excess water is soaked up, you have to give the stairs a final vacuum to freshen and enhance the carpet. This also helps in removing any excess leftovers of dirt and debris from your carpet which might have developed during the cleaning process.

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