Best Garage Floor Mats

The best Garage floor mats are cheaper (think garage floor tiles or epoxy paint) and much simpler way to cover and protect your garage floors from damage due to spills, drips or freezing water.

Epoxy garage floor coating and garage floor tiles look really good but the price usually sends the customer running in the other direction. Depending on the color and design these garage floor mats will turn a dull looking garage into a professional garage in a matter of hours.

The best garage floor mats will carry a 5 year warranty and these warranties are usually found on garage mats that are larger than your typical car/truck. And don’t forget you can also find garage floor protection mats for motorcycles as well.

Best Garage Floor Mats

You do have choices when it comes to garage floor mats and depending upon which review you read, you’ll get all kinds of different answers. The best garage floor mats in our opinion are the mats that do the specific job you want them to do without wearing out to fast.

Some people simply want to keep the snowmelt from running all over the garage so they look for garage floor snow mat. These mats have built up edges to keep the water contained within the mat instead of running all over the place.

Who Makes The Best Garage Floor Mats

In our opinion, the best garage floor mats are the ones that last the longest and the easiest on the pocketbook. If you search the internet you will find Amazon, Target, Sam’s Club, Home Depot and Lowe’s as the top spots for floor covering products.

Don’t forget if you walk into these retail stores you will see a lot of garage floor coating products on the shelves. The most common one will be the epoxy garage floor coating. And you want to talk about time consumption epoxy floors are at the extreme end. Garage mats as a floor protector for specific areas should be at the top of your list. You just can’t beat the ease of installation as well as the price for garage floor mats.

Also, remember there will be in our opinion two different kinds of parking mats. One we call the rubber floor mats which is exactly that, a garage rubber floor mat that will protect your floor but it will not contain water.  The other is more like a carpet and it will have edges so you can contain snowmelt and minimize water puddles.

The best garage floor mats are different than garage floor tiles because a tile needs to be interlocked, comes in square patterns and requires patience. A roll-out garage floor mat can be rolled out quickly, cut and set within a 24 hour period.

However, the smaller vehicle mats can be installed in less than an hour. The garage floor containment mats for a vehicle, are ideal for water, snow conditions because they keep your garage floor free from ice build-up.

Some of the best garage parking mats are already pre-cut and you simply take the mat out of the box and unroll it. They make mats to fit different types of cars and some include bevelled edges to keep the moisture from spilling all over the garage.

Some names associated with the best garage floor mats are:

  • BLT (Better Life Technology) you will find many different types and styles of blt roll-out garage floor mats and they are a good garage floor protector
  • Drymate offers a wide range of sizes and a very popular floor mat is the dry mate garage 17′ standard floor mat. A garage Mat by Drymate will give you the standard 5 year warranty protection plan
  • Clean Park garage mat is a very popular choice that you will run into a lot online. The clean park garage floor mat offers many different sizes and don’t forget that you can place two mats side by side to cover a larger area and give your garage floor more protection.

The best garage floor mats are easy to clean and the basic tools needed to clean them are water hose, squeegee or broom. Corrosive materials like road salt, oil, antifreeze or paint spills and AC water is exactly why these floor mats were created. To protect your investment.

Different Finishes for the Best Garage Floor Mats on the Market:

  • ribbed pattern
  • diamond pattern
  • coin pattern
  • Levant pattern

One thing is for certain, gravel rocks are hard on these mats. They are not the thickest coverings so you need to be careful and sweep off rocks as soon as you see them. It is best not to use these mats year round especially if you have dry summers.

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