Best Circular Saw Reviews and Comparisions

Are you looking for a new circular saw? Confused by all the brands on the market? Unsure if the circular saw you’re thinking about will meet your cutting needs?

Want to get the best price without sacrificing quality? You’re in luck; this blog was created to help you get the best priced circular saw that fits your cutting needs!

I’m somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to building projects and I insist on high-quality tools at a reasonable working man’s price. When it comes to cutting wood you need a good circular saw in your set of tools and my reviews and comparisons will help pick the right one.

Before jumping right in and picking one let’s go over the basics of what makes up a good circular saw, the features you can expect to find and how to get the best price on my top circular saw recommendation online.

A good circular saw will have the following features:

A Working Blade Guard – by working blade guard I mean a guard that not only works when cutting 90-degree angles but it also works when making bevel cuts. Let’s face it a fast-moving saw blade is dangerous and a working blade guard is a must to ensure only the wood is cut.

Electronic Brake, Spindle Lock, and Safety Switch – Electronic braking on a circular saw slows and stops the blade faster after releasing the trigger. A free-spinning blade is dangerous so the sooner you can stop it when you release the trigger the safer everyone is. Likewise, when changing the blade a spindle lock is a great feature to ensure you can safely change the blade. Lastly, a safety switch prevents accidental starts of your circular saw.

Rigged Base Plate that is truly square to the blade – The base plate needs to of sturdy and durable, sooner or later your circular saw will be dropped and if you have a weak steel base plate it will bend and get out of alignment. Base plates made out of aluminum, magnesium, and composite materials as best for ensuring accurate cuts.

Bevel Adjustment greater than 45 degrees – A good circular saw will cut bevels just as easy as it does a 90-degree cut. You circular saw should be able to cut beyond 45 degrees and should have one-degree increments for accuracy and precision.

Carbide-Tipped Blade – carbide tipped blades can cut faster and are far more durable than regular steel ones, if you’ve used a circular saw before chances are you already know the benefits of carbide-tipped blades.

Long Power Cord, Laser Guide and LED Lighting – If you are cutting a sheet of plywood 8 feet long then you will understand the need for a longer power cord. Additionally, a laser guide is a great feature to be sure you’re accurately cutting the full 8 feet and of course LED lighting helps you to see your work surface. All of these are relatively new features for circular saws but once you use them you’ll wonder why they didn’t add them earlier.

My top pick circular saw is the Dewalt DW364K 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake. It is one of the best on the market with an electric brake, over 50-degree bevel adjustment, and a high strength aluminum alloy base.

The DW364K has a list price of $301.78 which is a good indication you have a high-quality saw but $300 dollars is a lot of money out of any budget.

Luckily for you, I been doing my homework and have found the DW364K online for over half off the list price bringing down the price to $146.42! Now that’s a good price. Amazon is currently offering the DW364K at $146.42, I’d head over there now while the offer is still good, here’s a quick link to this offer: Dewalt DW364K Circular Saw.

Amazon is the most trusted site for online shopping and I use them all the time for great savings. Be sure to check out the navigation section for additional reviews on other circular saws.

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