These days, everybody has a smartphone, even the smallest of kids. Mostly Kids use it to play games, talk with friends, share the latest news, and to learn as well. But people also use their phones to study and you can find several educational apps, learning apps, teaching apps on the App Store or Play Market. But there is always room for advancement and fresh ideas. In this post, we will cover main categories, benefits and features of the educational app, as a concept and provide you information on how to plan an educational app.

Types of Educational Apps:

  1. Course App: This is an app that works with some specific some course;
  2. Classroom Aid App: It is an app that is designed to be employed in the classrooms of school or college or university, typically having the feature to be projected on the whiteboard as well;
  3. Assessment App: This is an app that evaluates and assesses the students, then calculates the response and tell the score to the user;
  4. Reference App: It is an app that generally belongs in the category of the dictionary or encyclopedia;
  5. App for Specific Educational Purposes: These are the apps created and developed for specific and niche markets, such as flying test, typing test, and healthcare industry.

 Main Attributes of Educational App

 The features list of educational apps is quite big since these apps can be used on a very wide range of situations. It depends on the type of app whether you include several features in it by default or don’t add at all. Today, the technologies of mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are being incorporated into the new trend of developing educational apps to enhance the experience. So, the major features of educational apps that you may incorporate while developing your own app are as follows:

Integration with Social Networks

 This feature is quite common in almost every app, not only educational or learning apps. By using this feature, you can register and login into the app with simple and few taps. This feature saves a huge amount of time for both the teachers and students because they don’t have to manually input their credentials in it.

Planning and Schedule Events

The education has always been a very controlled process with lots of events and timetables involved in it such as plans, goals and final terms. So if this feature is included in the app, it will be very helpful for both the students and teachers that struggle to keep up with timings and schedule. Both students and teachers can keep themselves up-to-date about the upcoming educational activities.

Live Streaming Integration

Most of the times, the video content is easier to absorb and identify with, so this is no coincidence at all that in educational apps, videos are popular content that is mentioned in almost every educational app topic. This attribute allows you to upload videos and or stream live the lessons easily. Students can receive great learning by watching these videos. Please keep in mind that students can rewind and watch the videos again and numerous times if they need to grasp the lesson clearly.

Tests and Leaderboards

According to Serena Jones is a senior Assignment Help provider, This feature will be helpful for both the teachers and students. The teacher can check the progress of the students and also students may be able to analyze their results directly from the app. Moreover, remember that motivation is a great thing and when you set up a leaderboard; students will be prompted to even work harder just to see their name on the top of that leaderboard. In addition, any educational app will benefit immensely from the feature of leaderboards.

Cloud Integration

 This is a very useful tool to include when you are developing the educational app, especially, when students work in a group, the cloud services empower them to submit their custom essay or homework directly in the same file. Also, it is a very useful feature for the teachers, as they can gather all of the homework from one place.

Use of Different Languages

When you try to learn and understand how to make an educational app then this will be another common feature among the apps. This feature of creating an app should not be underestimated at all.  The capability to offer educational and learning material in different languages is a great benefit for any educational app. In this way, a lot more people will be able to use and take benefit from your app from around the world.

References to Popular Educational Apps

 You would definitely want to have a close a look at the best educational apps of the recent times before outlining how to make an educational app. By doing this you can analyze the market and find out what is trendy now and much you can be inventive. So, here’s a list of the most appealing educational and learning apps for Android.



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